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  1. Miracle Tunes | ITALIANO - Episodio 1
  2. Cartoonito Che Idea
  3. Cartoonito App, è arrivata l’app con i personaggi più amati dei più piccoli
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Se la tua intenzione è scaricare i cartoni animati disponibili su Amazon Prime Video, devi sapere che è possibile farlo ma. Non solo i bambini, ma anche gli adulti si divertono a vedere i cartoni animati. Esistono molti siti che offrono questi contenuti in streaming online, in modo. Cartoonito è la TV per bambini con i più divertenti personaggi dei cartoni animati. Su Cartoonito potete trovare tanti giochi gratis x bambini, disegni da colorare e. Facili, divertenti e sempre a portata di mano, ovunque! VIDEO. LE CAMPANELLE DI NATALE DI CARTOONITO. A scuola, Casa, Natale Giochi gratis dei cartoni animati di Cartoonito e tante attività dei cartoni animati da scaricare gratis. La maggior parte del traffico Internet viene effettuata facendo lo streaming di video online, in cui YouTube fa la parte del leone. Oltre ore di.

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Miracle Tunes | ITALIANO - Episodio 1

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Cartoonito Che Idea

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Particular attention is devoted to the collection and disposal of waste produced by the Company, which - where possible - is treated in accordance with the principles of differentiation and recycling, in line with current legislation and best practice. Such violations damage the relationship of trust - characterised in terms of transparency, fairness, integrity and loyalty - with the Company.

Specifically, with reference to Employees including executives and managers , the violation of these rules constitutes a breach of the obligations foreseen by the contract of employment and may, therefore, result in the initiation of disciplinary proceedings with all the legal consequences, also with regard to the employment contract itself, regardless of the initiation of any criminal or civil proceedings - in cases where behaviour constitutes possible illegality - and the outcome of any subsequent legal judgment, given that the Code of Ethics is, in itself, a binding set of rules governing the conduct of the interested parties.

The Company is extremely vigilant regarding eventual violations of the Code of Ethics by senior management, given that they represent the top of the Company and the image that the Company has externally.

Cartoonito App, è arrivata l’app con i personaggi più amati dei più piccoli

In the event of a violation by a senior executive who is also an employee, disciplinary action in accordance with the terms of employment with the Company will apply. Future updates or modifications to this Code of Ethics, as a result of regulatory changes, changes in civil society or other factors, must be approved - as indicated in paragraph 1 of this article - by the Board of Directors and will be promptly circulated to all interested parties.

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